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Five SEO Tools That You Can’t Avoid in the Current Search Engine Era

In the blink of an eye, new SEO tools come and go. There’re a million avail there, and most new and veteran SEOs are always inquiring – what are the greatest tool avail there? Which tools are “must haves” and which should you shelve? Below mentioned are few reliable SEO tools that you can use:


Professional use SEMrush to determine if a website is robust or not. While working won link-building campaign you can use SEMrush to notice how many keywords a website is ranking for in Google. When you find websites that have a high amount of inbound links & DA, but no keywords ranking in SEMrush, then it is possibly they have been penalized. Professionals also check out their organic traffic to make sure if there is a huge drop. SEO professionals also employ SEMrush as part of their keyword research.


Most do not consider BuzzSumo as an SEO tool, but as a social-media tool. Yet as search engine optimization & content marketing are becoming amazingly linked, BuzzSumo is now an ineffective tool in an SEO’s armory.

Professional employs BuzzSumo when seeking ideas for content. When figuring out admired ideas for Pinterest story boards, BuzzSumo data could be priceless.


With AuthorityLabs, one can track historical rankings & see graphical depictions of how a keyword is ranking over time.


When it is about backlink research & link data for link audits, Ahref data seems to be extremely powerful.


When it is about onpage and Panda audits, DeepCrawl seems to be the best SEO tool available right now. With DeepCrawl one can diagnose all types of technical & on-page problems, from duplicate web pages, pages with Meta headers that are too lengthy to pages that take a long time to load, etc.

DeepCraw is a wonderful tool to analyze specific pages, as at a glimpse you can observe detailed info such as if it has an H1, how many external and internal links, what tags every page has, etc.

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