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And here’s our story so far...

Intelligence Marketer was created about a decade ago in the year 2004 with the idea of creating cost-effective and efficient SEO solutions for both small and giant enterprise industry. We targeted the small enterprises particularly as we saw these organizations were generally not paid attention by the SEO tycoons. The reason was these small ventures could not pay the costs levied and we took this as a major opportunity. We provided the service and scalable support to these organizations through cost effective SEO solutions.

A skilled group was constructed to develop a technological innovation that would change the industry. The goal of the technological innovation was to take a manufacturer line approach to SEO satisfaction. The key to the technological innovation is that it separates the amount of work among a group of professionals that are really good at one key component of SEO. The technological innovation pinpoints the work that is ideal for each unique organization and then gives the professional tutorials so that they only do that needs to be done. The system then monitors the work conducted by each professional so that an account administrator can easily see what has been done and the improvement that the organization is creating. This has permitted Intelligence Marketer to provide SEO solutions at an on per hour basis rate that is a portion of what other SEO organizations billed.

In addition to optimizing the SEO satisfaction process our creators desired to provide our clients and associates visibility. We desired our clients to see what we were doing.

After a year of expertise the technological innovation was finished and we started to promote our solutions straight to organizations. Sales staffs were put in place to quickly learn how to present and provide efficiently and the organization started to grow.

With our technological innovation and our ability to promote, provide and provide remarkable SEO solutions we started to entice associates that desired to provide SEO solutions to their clients. Our creators had the knowledge to integrate into our technological innovation a partner friendly system that would allow our associates unmatched access and understanding into their clients’ accounts. We were able to share with our associates everything we discovered about selling SEO to organizations as well a scalable way for them to provide and provide SEO solutions.

The perspective of our creators of providing organizations cost-effective and efficient SEO solutions is now being noticed in an amazing way. As of Dec 2013 we achieved more than 40 fulltime workers. We are considered to be the leading little enterprise satisfaction support in the market and our growth and productivity is constantly on the go up at an incredible speed.

The future looks even lighter.

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